The Tooth Fairy Can Be A Dental Superhero To Your Child

10 November 2015
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If your child is ready to start taking care of their own teeth, but they still need a little more motivation, you can use the tooth fairy to your advantage. Being creative with the tooth fairy can help you create great memories for your child, have some fun and educate your child on proper oral care. Try some of the exciting tips in this article to use the tooth fairy as an incentive for your child.

Make a scavenger hunt

Your child will have a lot of fun doing a scavenger hunt and if you set it up the right way, they can learn a lot. When your child puts their tooth under their pillow, you can replace it with the first hint in the scavenger hunt and an envelope with the location of the next hint. All the hints should be questions on the hint cards should be about proper dental care. When your child answers the question correctly, open the envelope and tell them where the next hint is.

Your child will have a good time making their way around the house answering the dental questions to find the next clue. Once they finally get to the final hint, it will tell them where the prize is. Along with this prize your child will also receive the gift of knowledge about how to take care of their teeth that was gained in an entertaining manner.

Have the tooth fairy leave your child a list

When your child puts their tooth under their pillow, you can replace it with a note written from the tooth fairy. To make this note, you should use a very small font and a small piece of paper. In it, thank your child for the tooth and let them know there is a list attached that will help them take even better care of their teeth.

The attached list should also be written in small lettering and detail everything your child should be doing to care for their teeth each day. Children tend to get a lot more excited about following directions if those directions have been given to them by one of their beloved characters.

By using the tooth fairy to get your child more interested in taking care of their teeth, you can help them develop healthy habits that will stick with them for life. Routine dental visits will be helpful in determining whether or not your child needs to be even more diligent.

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